Spiritual direction

Life is full of ups and downs.  Some are cause for great joy and celebration, others can leave us feeling disconnected, confused and alone. At such times we may find ourselves searching for greater meaning and purpose and want someone to talk to who will listen without telling us what to think or believe.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“Is this all there is to my life?”
“I don’t know what God is calling me to do”
“I feel disconnected from other people and God”
“My job has come to an end and I no longer know who I am”
“I’m happy most of the time but I still feel something’s missing.”
“I used to have a rich prayer life but God seems to have deserted me”
“Religion doesn’t do it for me any more but I’ve still got spiritual needs.”

What is spiritual direction?
Spiritual direction involves accompanying people on their journey back to God, the Source of all life. Just as our physical body needs feeding on a regular basis, so too does our spirit. When our spirit is properly nourished we feel more energised, more connected and more in tune with life.

In spiritual direction we learn to recognise how and where the spirit of God is moving in the ordinary everyday events of life and what we are being called to do as co-creators in God’s world. As we sit in quiet reflection with a trusted companion we discover what it means to be more the person we were created to be and how to express that in a way which helps us live a more compassionate, loving and purposeful life.

How does it work?
As a trained spiritual director my role is to create safe space for you to share those  precious stories that are waiting to be shared. I act as witness to your spiritual journey by listening in an openhearted, non judgemental way as you explore the needs and wisdom of your soul. In our time together – sessions last one hour - I may offer contemplative practices and resources to help you deepen that connection.

Is it different from conventional counselling?
Yes. In most forms of counselling or therapy, the counsellor is not concerned with your relationship to God or Spirit. A spiritual mentor may deal with the same issues but from a different perspective.  Painful feelings may be discussed in terms of how they lead you toward or away from God.  Difficult relationships are also reviewed to discern how God is calling you to love other people and yourself.

Do I need to belong to a particular religion?
No. Spiritual direction is appropriate for anyone who wishes to enquire more deeply into the spiritual side of their life and their relationship with God. Today, growing numbers of people are seeking spiritual support without necessarily being attached to a particular faith.

What can I talk about?
Anything. You can bring any subject to the session. The difference between counselling or therapy and spiritual direction is that the focus is on your spiritual journey, with emphasis on the present and future, not the past. Spiritual direction does not involve telling you what to think or believe. Rather, it enables you to connect with your own inner wisdom to discern what you are being called to be and to do.

How do you work?
From experience I know the value of having someone who will listen without telling me what I should do or how I should act. As an Interfaith Minister I am at ease sitting alongside people whatever their faith or beliefs and having trained in both Jewish spiritual direction with the Lev Shomea Institute in USA and Christian spiritual direction with the London Centre for Spirituality, I can offer resources that draw on both traditions.


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